Model: MAXEENGREEN

“Damn Max! What is up there!! Hehe This is from a Skype show with Daddy. I call this toy  Silver Bullet.” Why? Well because it’s huge dummy. Have you seen how wide it is? It is literally close to FOUR inches around. I love ussing it. The sides make it easy for the toy to slide in and out while still keeping width. What a dream. In the fifth slide if you look close the toy actually forced lube out of my bum! Then at the end my pussy just hangs open and dangles there. Awesome.”

You can get your own personal Skype Show with Me @Maxeengreen and see incredible stuff just like this. You can also record and keep they show! You have your own personal porn star! Pussy, anal, double penetration, fisting, big toys, roleplay, just tell me what you like! I can give it to you. We can do everything, and talk about ALL your fantasies. ((Skype shows are usually 30 minutes long, but $ can vary with the amount of time you want.))


Maybe you want to get to know me a little bit better first? A different option? My Personal Snapchat is also for grabs! My Snapchat is slightly different than a Skype Show. I upload naked pictures of me every day. You can directly message me. You can ask for pics and videos. (You can screen shot them and keep them too!) Snapchat is really great for keeping up on my kinky escapades!!!


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Holy fuck! Having a vagina lets girls to do some pretty fun stuff….