Learning how to be a girl, part 7

Our final lesson is one that some guys find difficult, but has the
greatest reward of them all: learning how to enjoy your vagina. Face it
guys; you don’t have a penis anymore. This should be obvious by now, but
some of you still haven’t mentally accepted it. The only way you can
derive sexual pleasure from now on is through your vagina and your clit.
You might’ve liked penetrating someone before, but you no longer have
anything to penetrate with; you either learn to enjoy being penetrated,
learn to play with your clit, or never have an orgasm again. This step
is critically important because once you learn how to enjoy having a
vagina, once you’ve experienced having a female orgasm and having
multiple orgasms, it makes it that much easier to accept being a woman.
Transitioners that pass this stage not only learn to accept being
female; most of them say it’s way, way better than being male.

Try focusing on the positives of having a vagina. For one, now you can do things you never could before. You couldn’t swallow things from your crotch before; now you can. You get to experience all kinds of new sensations. This vagina lets you reach deep inside your body, letting you touch parts of yourself you never could as a guy.  And the vagina is big too, bigger than any hole you had as a guy. You’ll be able to swallow so much more than you ever could before; fists, bottles, two fists, if you want.

most guys, spreading their legs is the biggest barrier to enjoyment, as
they’re still worried about their nonexistent balls, but the more you
practice the techniques from the previous lesson the faster you’ll get
over it. Once you’re over that, the next barrier is learning how to
relax your vagina. Most guys have never thought about getting
penetrated, so it’s natural to be anxious about it at first. Most
transitioners retain their original sexual preferences, so if you liked
girls before, try thinking about girls now. Since we have a classroom of
naked “ladies” right now spreading their legs and touching themselves,
try looking at the one you find most attractive. As you get more
aroused, your vagina is going to get more bloodflow, just like your
boner used to, it’s going to start lubricating, and it’s going to get
more relaxed. Guys, be prepared, once you get to this stage, you’re
going to feel the hunger for the first time. I’m not talking about your
mouth, I’m talking about your new hole. You’re going to start to feel
this ache in your vagina, like it’s hungry and wants to be filled. For
some transitioners the first time is so intense, they can’t resist
shoving their fingers in so quickly they tear their hymen! So take your
time. At this stage you’re going to be more than relaxed, you’re going
to want something inside you. Start with one finger. See how it feels
having something inside you for the first time. Since you’re all so new
at this, even one finger is going to feel like a 9 inch cock. Trust me,
you’ll eventually get there 😉 Now, push that finger in and out of you.
Savor those new sensations, feel how that stretches your vagina, fills
you from the inside out. And when you’re even more turned on and you
want more inside of you, try two fingers. Then three. Then four. We’ve
provided dildos, warmed and lubed for each of you, not that you’re going
to need the lube at this point! But these will let you reach even
deeper inside you, tickling places you could never reach as a guy,
giving you new and exciting sensations. Move that dildo in and out, in
and out, letting its full length slide in and out of your vagina,
rubbing every part of your insides, you know you want it, you want to
get penetrated, you want something you’ve never wanted before and you’re
nervous about it but it’s ok, embrace it, let yourself want it and when
you’re ready, let go, just let go, let yourself get fucked, let
yourself feel that orgasm starting. It’s going to be intense but don’t
be afraid of it, just let it come, let it come wave after wave, I know
it feels like you’re going to break but keep going, your female body can
handle it, let it stretch you out, feel that hunger that fullness, let
it rise, let it build up, reach heights you couldn’t even imagine
before, you’re doing it, come on do it, just keep fucking yourself, fuck
yourself, fuck yourself!
very good. Relax, relax. Give yourself time. Let yourself bask in the
afterglow. Pretty good huh? How was your first time? Or should I say 10
times 🙂 usually people lose count. Now do you like being a girl? Show
of hands, who misses having a penis? Hmm? Now that you’ve experienced
this, anyone want to go back to the days of cumming for 5 seconds then
calling it a day? Didn’t think so.

And this was just the tip
of the iceberg. These dildos were just 5 inches long; you know how much
bigger they can get? And there’s vibrators and inflatables and plugs and
strap-ons and plug-in strap-ons, all kinds of toys to play with. And I
know some of you are ready to start fucking guys already! It’s OK, don’t
be afraid of your new desires. There’s a whole new world of
possibilities for you now, each of them better than the next.

that’s the secret; the reason we haven’t made any progress in reversing
the transition is that most transitioners don’t want to go back. Look
around at your teachers, we’ve all done more than just tolerate our
journey, we’ve embraced it. Are you ready to start yours?