Play every day, must obey

You’ve heard that phrase so many times now. Every time it circled around in the back of your mind, entangling itself with your urges and desires. And little by little it’s been shaping your perspectives and behavior. All so that now, in this moment, you’d be ready to play, ready to obey.

You’re just going to obey, just like the girls in the stories. No tricks, just my commands and your need to obey. Start by removing any clothing restricting access to your breasts or pussy. Cup them with both hands and massage them gently. Then use your fingers to slowly circle around your nipples. You will continue this until your nipples harden. You must obey.

Now while your other hand cups your breast slowly slide your dominant hand down from your breasts, across your stomach, down between your thighs. Use your fingers to stroke up and down the lips of your pussy. Continue stroking until you feel yourself getting wet. Probe your wet cunt with your fingertip. Slide your fingertip up to just under your clit. Slowly and steadily rub your wet fingertip up and down the underside of your clit. Don’t think, just rub your mind away. If your mind starts to wander just repeat “Play every day, must obey bimbo trainer”.

It feels so good to play every day. It feels so good to just repeated that phrase over and over. Right at this moment you may feel a deep swelling of pleasure if you just reblog this post to tell other girls “Play every day, must obey bimbo trainer

You’re all dying to know what this feels like, aren’t you?