She looked down and saw her pussy lips…stretched to the breaking point. She was actually starting to tear and bleed a little. Her insides were burning from being forced open by such huge fucking GIRTH. She was thinking how boring an average dick would be from this point forward.

I’m not wild about the picture but the text…oh damn….spot on.  Every now and then I want a cock so big it hurts.  Every now and then I want to feel like he’s going to split me in half. Don’t slow down. Don’t go easy on me. Make it fit. 

Oh baby…that’s exactly what GIRTH wants to hear. THICK wants you to open up and accommodate it – even if it hurts a little. Or a lot. GIRTH wants satisfaction. It wants to use your pussy – that’s way too fucking small, BTW – to please it.

The first time you get penetrated as a girl is quite the experience.

It’s amazing. It’s like you can’t believe your body is doing this. You get all these deep, warm, tender, intimate sensations, and none of it would be possible if you weren’t a girl.

I’d never felt so lucky in my life.