Becoming a girl for the first time is so weird!

I’m still trying to get used to the new experiences… 
For example, public bathrooms.

I really had to go this one time… 

So, I walked into the girls’ bathroom, found a stall, lifted my skirt, lowered my panties, and sat down.

But when I got there, another woman almost immediately came and sat down in the stall next to mine. And I’m very bathroom shy so I froze!
There’s nothing worse than having to listen to gross public bathroom sounds.

But this time it was different.
Girls, you have to understand… men’s bathrooms have urinals.
So, the sounds are different. Men rarely hear each other peeing.

So, for me, it was a new experience to see this position….

produce this sound…

I’m still getting used to hearing myself pee when I sit on the toilet.